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 For all our appointments at The Gown, we require all guests to bring indoor footwear or slippers to wear and wear face masks at all times for the duration of the appointment.


Currently, we do not allow outside food to be brought in-store. Non-alcoholic beverages may be brought in-store.


At our boutique, you will have a private suite for you and your in-person and virtual guests and a professional stylist to curate a customized collection for you to try on.


The stylists keep everything in order to make it easier to find the perfect dress, so they will pull the dresses and bring them to you.


It’s an honor to be invited by the bride to this appointment, so we ask all our guests to be kind and respect the bride’s choices. We also allow photos to be taken during the appointment.


Safety Policy


We have put the following procedures in place to keep our clients and staff healthy and safe during the pandemic:


  • Guests will all be by appointment only. Please ring the doorbell for service. If you are early, or we are not ready for you, we kindly ask that you wait in your vehicle and we will come and get you.
  • Please use hand sanitizer upon entering the boutique.
  • We require guests to bring their own indoor shoes or slippers to wear for the duration of your visit.
  • We are taking extra measures to sanitize our suites between appointments and steaming each dress between each client.
  • Based on the size of our private suites, we are limiting the number of guests to 3 guests + the bride per suite in our Premier Appointments. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to our Prestige Appointment in our luxury suite with enough room to safely seat 8 guests + the bride.
  • We will be offering the options for Zoom appointments for brides who would like the option to accommodate guests that are unable to physically attend the appointment, including babies and young children.
  • According to government mandates, face masks are no longer required during appointments, however they are recommended. Requests for your consultant to wear a mask for your appointment made be made. Please let us know by email or phone if you would like to make this request. If you or your guests do not have a mask, we’ll provide disposable masks upon request. Gloves are optional and available upon request.

We are doing what we can to keep you safe, but if you feel uncomfortable, or are concerned about your health, please reschedule your appointment for a later date.


 Discount Policy


At The Gown, we have special promotions throughout the year and may offer discounts at those times. In order to take advantage of discounts, you must purchase on the day of the promotions.


Discount prices will not be offered at any other time on regular inventory. Occasionally, we have dresses that we need to clear from our inventory. These specific, individual dresses may be offered at a discount in order to clear them out.


Return Policy


The Gown will order the merchandise as specified for you on your order form. Your signature is your approval for The Gown to order the items as listed. If there is a manufacturer's defect, we will replace the dress as it was ordered.


The Gown will stand behind the dress and it is guaranteed for delivery by your original wedding date.


We require that you pick up your dress within 7 days of notification that it has arrived in store. If you do not retrieve it in this time period, The Gown will not be held responsible for any damages it may incur while in our care.


If the dress is not picked up by the wedding date listed, then the dress becomes property of The Gown, and no refund or exchange will be given.


If for any reason, you no longer want the dress you have ordered, including a canceled event, you will still be required to pick it up. From there, you can re-sell it at a consignment store, online, or donate it to a charity.





We can not be responsible for the accuracy of measurements taken by anyone other than our staff. If there are any issues with size due to weight fluctuations, or pregnancy, we can recommend a seamstress to help with the fit of your dress.


We do not do alterations in house. They are a separate business.


The size of the dress is according to the designers’ size chart and is not custom made to your individual measurements.


The dress will need to be tailored to fit your shape perfectly by a seamstress after it is picked up from The Gown. If the dress will still not fit, there will be no refund or exchange, and another dress will need to be ordered or purchased elsewhere.


If there is a discrepancy with the color of the dress, we will check designer swatches that match the color listed on the order. If the color is not what was ordered, we will get you a dress in the correct color and size as ordered on the order form. This will not include dye lot variances as the new dresses will be cut from a different dye lot than our sample dress and swatches.